sizeof class with int , function, virtual function in C++?

A friend asked me "Wwhen you declare a class with member functions in C++, the member function's definition goes in the code memory. What memory does it take in the class object? 32-bit pointer?"

Well, run it for yourself and know. :-)

Here's a sample program:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class A
    int a;
    A(int val)   { a=val; }

    A() { a = 0; }

    int show(void);
/*    virtual int func(void);*/

int A::show(void)
  cout << a << endl;

int main()
  A a(10);;

  cout << sizeof(a) << endl << sizeof(A) << endl;


The bookmark has some more details from a good post on stackoverflow.

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