We envision PirateLearner as a one-stop learning resource for all people interested in learning.

Our focus

Right now we’re focused on 'Engineering' because we are engineers by education and profession and learners by nature. But, the word 'engineer' holds more significance to us than a mere qualification. An engineer to us means anybody who 'creates' things. Thus even if you have had no experience in science at all from an academic point of view but have messed around with things or would like to, to see how they are built or just for the fun of it, this is the place for you to be, as an engineer.

Our major goals are nothing short of a democratic ideal in education

Our major goals

'Teach' and not 'Train': Simplify understanding to a point of being obvious.

make good and intuitive learning available through an informal channel but in a highly structured (engineered) manner.

make knowledge accessible to a lay man in simple layman terms, and at the same time being technically correct and sound for any person who is looking for a reference or technical explanation.

Our Process

We are a bunch of engineering professionals (until now) with a keen awareness of the problems that students face while in college. The biggest one seems to be the overwhelming abundance of learning resources, both good and bad. Searching for credible and reliable study material is like searching a needle in haystack. We hope to fill in the gap by bringing together the best resources on the internet, refining them wherever necessary, and adding more pragmatic content to bridge the divide between academia and industry.

Our motto of creation is "There is always room for improvement!" which boils down to following.

Process of Pirate Learner

Our Principles

We're pirates in the sense that we're free agents and will not hesitate in going round the (virtual) world to get the best parts. We WILL have what we want. Call us Robin Hoods, or Ragnar Danneskjölds or simply honest fools. But beware, we'll reprimand you and mock at you if it must be done. We're just like that.

Rules to live by

Rules to live by

Show, don't tell.

Each person is different, but all make one, big and coherent community.

DRY - Don't. repeat. yourself.

Pirates On Board

“Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes bunch of pirates to really mess things up.”

Anshul Founder



A constant worrier. Answers to "Who's incharge here?" callouts.

works on Content Editing, Django, Javascript, HTML(5)/CSS(3), Web Design

I like books in print, coffee in mugs and sleep in a cozy bed, in all permutations. I would like to build something like a Megatron.

Abhishek Founder



Cool head, doesn't do what does not need to be done.

works on Django, Javascript, Content Editing

I like to REST my heels in a Beautiful Soup full of Python. I like movies, coffee, travel and books.

Rajeev Artist



Gives visual impression to theoretical ideas.

works on Graphic Design

Trust me, I'm an artist AND an engineer, if only they'd let me use different colors. ;)

You could be here!

You could be here!

What would you like it to be?

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works on Django, SEO, Javascript, Design

We'd like to colloborate. If interested, get in touch.

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